Patient Testimonials


“A much better long term solution than bridges. There was no damage to my surrounding teeth.” J. Tim T.

“What stands out most about Dental Implants of Indiana is the informative staff of all procedure. The confident in Dr. Bennett’s skills.” J. Tim T.

“What stands out most to me is the quality of care and expertise from Dr. Bennett. I would refer him hands down. Glad to have functional teeth long term.” Tara D.

“Having dental implants improved my self esteem and confidence; I feel very clean and can smile without shame. I would tell other people to go for it, no regret.  My smile is worthy of it, the implant is unbelievable. Honestly, I am not too sure of the amount paid for the procedure, but it is the best money spent.” Celine M.

“Implants gave me better function, improved cosmetics, long-term solution. It was worth the time. What stands out most is the amount of time spent with me, quality of care, professionalism all stand out.” Tom V.

“During the implant process, the first initial meeting stands out the most. Meeting with the implant coordinator, seeing all the information on paper, learning exactly what would happen when, being introduced to the staff and having an excellent consultation with Dr. Bennett set the tone for the entire process. It gave me confidence that I had chosen the right provider for my implant process!”Kelli C.

“My experience with the implant process was the best one I’ve been through in my life. I have had numerous crowns, root canals, veneers, gum surgery…none of these procedures were laid out and explained as thoroughly as this implant.” Kelli C.

“My experience was really good (great staff and Dr. Bennett made the experience good. Great quality of care and financial options. I would tell my friends I had a great experience and it is a long term solution.”  Branden F.

“The process was presented clearly and follow-ups were timely. The tooth extraction was easy, the wait for the aboutment was the long wait. Staff kept me informed – very professional!” Mark Z.

“I had a very good experience, speedy process help me understand the process and I love the results. Best investment I mande, I love my implant. So much easier than a flipper, feels like I never lost my tooth.” Esrom M.

“My oral surgery went very well, Dr. Bemnet knows what he is doing. He has a great bedside manner and I have great results.”  Vera S.

“When it comes to implants, I would tell a friend “do it”, you will not regret it. I smile much more now. I feel much better about myself. It was the best investment I made.” Vera S.

“I had a great experience with my implant procedure. There was very little pain and no discomfort. The Quality of care was exceptional with very experienced staff. I highly recommend implants; they are well worth the cost. I no longer have to remove a partial plate to clean.” Morris K.

“Implant was painless, the experience was total ease. The actual setting of the implant was painless. I would tell a friend to do it for your health and well being. The procedure was easy and Dr. Bennett and staff walked me through the steps.” Brian W.

“My experience with the implant was great, I had no pain or discomfort. Everyone took their time with me to explain what was going to be done and to ensure my comfort. Dr. Bennett, Leslie, and all the staff made me know that my care was their first concern. You are wonderful people to work with. I will be coming back to have implants for my upper teeth. I enjoy being able to laugh, smile, talk and eat with confidents, it is remarkable. I am very satisfied with the implants.” Judy S.

“I would tell everyone to consider implants instead of false teeth or partial. I chew better and don’t have to take my partial out. I feel better about my smile. I was comfortable with the staff and the surgeon, they make me feel wanted they talk to me about the insurance part and I had many financial options.” Dorothy B.

“I had a very good experience, Dr. Bennett explained procedure thoroughly. Dr. Bennett and the staff were very nice and easy to work with. Financial options were provided to me making the process feasible. I would tell my friends to go to Dr. Bennett.” Krista B.